Chipped every morning? Low blood sugar at night can be the reason

Chipped every morning? Low blood sugar at night can be the reason

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People with diabetes often feel as if they have been turned upside down in the morning. The reason for this is hypoglycaemia during sleep, which can be dangerous.

Low blood sugar
Symptoms of hypoglycaemia include sweating such as palpitations, cravings, restlessness and confusion. A severe lack of sugar even leads to convulsions and loss of consciousness. Loss of consciousness in sleep can threaten life.

Those affected wake up as sweaty as they are exhausted - and at first glance, paradoxically, with increased blood sugar. This is a backlash from the body. Long-term consequences of chronic hypoglycaemia at night are massive heart problems.

Often the trigger is an incorrectly calculated insulin dose. For example, during sport in the evening, those affected should reduce the insulin dose beforehand. To prevent hypoglycaemia at night, the patient can measure blood sugar before going to bed. If the sufferers also notice symptoms, they can immediately consume glucose, sugar cubes or sugar-rich juice.

If you are already light-headed or even passed out, an emergency doctor or your partner should inject a hormone that raises blood sugar - into the muscle of a thigh or into the abdomen.

Who is at risk
Exact studies are still pending. But one thing is clear: Anyone who suffers from diabetes mellitus who is severely overweight and high blood pressure carries a high risk of hypoglycaemia at night. (Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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