Don't reanimate: 91-year-old with a bizarre tattoo

Don't reanimate: 91-year-old with a bizarre tattoo

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Tattoo "Do not reanimate !!!": 91-year-old has his last will stung on his chest
Many people have a small dolphin or rose tattooed on a - mostly covered - part of the body. However, a 91-year-old woman from the Netherlands opted for a tattoo with a message. She let her last will be stabbed on the chest: "Do not reanimate !!!"

91-year-old gets a tattoo with a message
If you walk through the streets of a big city, you can easily get the impression that there are almost no people who have not yet had a tattoo. However, surveys have shown that no more than 15 percent of Germans have a tattoo. Many are worried about a possible tattoo removal and therefore, as a precaution, refrain from having their skin decorated with motifs such as a rose, a dolphin or a so-called ass antler. A grandmother from the Netherlands could not be prevented from getting a motif under the skin either by the possible health risks from tattoos or by their removal. However, it had to be a motif with a message.

"Do not resuscitate !!! I'm 91+ "
The 91-year-old pensioner Nel Bolten had her cleavage tattooed. On her chest is now written in big letters: "Rivet reanimation !!! IK BEN 91+ ". (German: "Do not reanimate !!! I am 91+") The tattoo should serve as a kind of living will and give instructions to paramedics or doctors in an emergency. To the news portal Omroepwest, the sprightly woman said: "I don't want to be resuscitated if something bad happens." Although she is still fit, the idea of ​​being confined to a bed or a wheelchair after an accident frightens her.

Pensioner hopes for law changes
However, the tattoo will not protect the pensioner from life-extending measures. In order to fulfill such a request, you have to have drawn up an official living will in the Netherlands and have it with you or wear a special medallion with your name, date of birth and photo around your neck. But Bolten said: "I saw on TV that paramedics don't look for medallions when they are revived." Everything had to be done quickly. In her opinion, the tattoo is the only way to delay or even stop the resuscitation. She also hopes that the laws will change in the next few years. (ad)

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