Massive dandruff increase by specific bacteria

Massive dandruff increase by specific bacteria

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Scientists examine factors influencing dandruff formation
Everyone regularly loses scalp dandruff, which, however, is usually tiny and therefore hardly recognizable. But if they appear excessively strong, they can become a real pain. They can cause severe itching, and the scales on dark clothing in the form of fine white "snow" can be seen immediately by everyone. Chinese scientists have examined various factors influencing dandruff formation and may have found a solution for those affected. The results have now been published in the scientific reports. released.

Small horn platelets usually have no disease value
Dandruff is mostly harmless and only rarely indicates a skin disease such as neurodermatitis or a lichen fungus. Nevertheless, the small horn platelets can become a real problem if they are pronounced and can therefore be recognized by everyone as "snow" on the shoulders and back. However, Chinese researchers may have found a way to help those affected, reports the dpa news agency.

Researchers examine microorganisms from the scalp
According to the researchers led by Zhijue Xu from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in a study with 59 men and women, how different influencing factors affect dandruff formation. The subjects were divided into two groups: one suffered from dandruff, the other had no problems. After all participants had not washed their hair for two days, the scientists took swab samples from the scalp to determine microorganisms and the amount of sebum and water.

People with strong dandruff produce less sebum
Zhijue Xu and his team came to an interesting conclusion: people who produced less sebum had more dandruff than those with more active sebum glands. It was also shown that there were fewer propionibacteria on the scalp in dandruff-afflicted people, but more staphylococci. A connection between dandruff and fungi on the scalp, however, could not be identified. It can therefore be assumed that the balance between the bacteria can have an impact on the expression of the dandruff: "We found that dandruff was linked to the interactions between the host and the microorganisms on the human scalp," the researchers said in their article . If the staphylococci were targeted, the dandruff problem could possibly be reduced or even completely eliminated.

Nettles help naturally
Various home remedies for dandruff can also help. For greasy dandruff and itchy head, for example, it can make sense to mix mild shampoo with a tablespoon of lemon juice and wash your hair as normal. A cure from nettles has also proven itself in dandruff. Pour half a liter of boiling fruit vinegar over a handful of fresh or dried nettle leaves and let the whole thing steep for about ten minutes. Then strain the leaves and massage the mixture gently into the scalp. (No)

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