Media report: Former Prime Minister Lothar Späth suffers from dementia

Media report: Former Prime Minister Lothar Späth suffers from dementia

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Former Prime Minister Lothar Späth fell ill with dementia
Around 1.5 million people in Germany suffer from dementia. According to a media report, the former prime minister of Baden-Württemberg, Lothar Späth, also suffered from it. The 78-year-old, who lives in a nursing home, is "unfortunately not doing well".

Every second German is afraid of dementia
Millions of Germans suffer from dementia. Almost one and a half million people are affected in this country. According to estimates, the number of sufferers could even rise to three million by 2050 if the treatment did not break through. Some health experts fear that dementia could become the number one common disease in the future. Around every second person in Germany is afraid of the disease. According to a recent newspaper report, it has now become known that Lothar Späth, the former CDU Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, has also developed dementia.

The patient hardly recognizes long-time companions
As the "Bild am Sonntag" ("BamS") reports, the 78-year-old has dementia and lives in a nursing home in the Stuttgart area. According to long-time friends who visit him regularly, his health has deteriorated very much. Günther Oettinger, EU Commissioner and also former CDU Prime Minister said the "BamS": "I visited Lothar Späth in his nursing home in the Stuttgart area at the end of last year." hardly ever again. A small group of friends from Stuttgart also visits him regularly. We are very worried and think about him very often. ”

"Unfortunately he is not doing well"
The daughter Daniela Späth-Zöllner (44) said in the "BamS" about her father's health: "Unfortunately, he is not doing well. He is housed in a nursing home and is well looked after. "Guido Wolf, CDU top candidate for the state elections in Baden-Württemberg said:" It makes me sad that Lothar Späth can no longer be by our side as a counselor because of his serious illness. We miss him and we think of him. We miss him. ”(Ad)

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