Studies: Diabetes increases the risk of dementia

Studies: Diabetes increases the risk of dementia

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Dementia risk from diabetes increased by 60 percent
Diabetes increases the risk of dementia dramatically. An international team of researchers reports in the specialist magazine "Diabetes Care" that the risk of dementia in men and women with type 2 diabetes increases by an average of 60% compared to people without diabetes. The scientists led by Rachel Huxley from the University of Sydney also found that women with type 2 diabetes are particularly at risk of so-called vascular dementia.

"Type 2 diabetes causes a greater increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases in women than in men," explains Huxley and colleagues. This led her to the question of whether a corresponding gender-specific difference could possibly also be ascertained in so-called vascular dementia. In their current study, they also investigated the extent to which type 2 diabetes has a fundamental connection with the occurrence of dementia. The result was clearly surprising.

Women with diabetes suffer particularly often from vascular dementia
In their comprehensive meta-analysis, the scientists evaluated the data from 14 studies with a total of 2.3 million participants (including 102,174 dementia patients) in order to uncover possible connections between the risk of dementia and existing diabetes diseases. "In several adjusted analyzes, diabetes was assigned a 60 percent increased risk of any form of dementia in both sexes," write the researchers in the journal "Diabetes Care". In addition, the risk of vascular dementia increased by 19 percent in women than in men, Huxley and colleagues report.

The relationship between type 2 diabetes and dementia is very worrying because dementia can have particularly serious consequences for patients with diabetes. If people forget to take their insulin or lose an overview of the food they eat, life-threatening complications quickly arise. (fp)

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