New HIV infections in Germany do not decrease

New HIV infections in Germany do not decrease

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The number of new HIV infections does not decrease
Around 3,200 people in Germany were infected with HIV last year. The number remains unchanged compared to the previous year. The efforts of previous preventive measures have apparently not been sufficient to contain the infections.

The number of HIV infections does not decrease
The UN recently announced that 40 percent fewer HIV deaths have been registered worldwide, but the number of new HIV infections in Germany is not falling, despite awareness-raising campaigns and medication. As the dpa news agency reports, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin estimates that around 3,200 people were newly infected in 2014. The number remains unchanged compared to the previous year.

Diagnoses are often made late
This is despite the fact that the proportion of infected people who take medication and are therefore usually hardly infectious has increased in recent years. "However, this positive effect and the previous prevention efforts have so far not been sufficient," said RKI President Lothar Wieler on Monday. As the epidemiological bulletin of the RKI shows, their estimate is based on model calculations, because HIV is often only detected years after the infection. Last year, the experts pointed out that in 2013 around 14,000 Germans were unwittingly infected with HIV.

Almost 500 patients died
According to the current publication, the number of new infections in heterosexual women and men is increasing slightly. Despite a slight decrease in the number of new infections, most of those affected are still men who have sex with men. Regional differences can also be identified. The RKI reported in the summer that the number of new HIV diagnoses was growing the most in Berlin. The institute assumes that 480 infected nationwide died last year. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is the cause of the immunodeficiency disease AIDS. (ad)

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