Healthy autumn kitchen with parsnips, parsley root and celery

Healthy autumn kitchen with parsnips, parsley root and celery

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Root vegetables offer a variety of taste experiences

For a long time, "old vegetables" such as celeriac, salsify, parsnips and turnips were neither on the menu card in the restaurant nor on the supermarket shelf of the supermarket. But now the root vegetables are experiencing a “revival” because they are healthy and offer more uses than is often assumed. Accordingly, the vegetables are no longer only used for baby porridge or soup, but e.g. for a delicious parsley root muesli or parsnip puree.

Parsnip previously known primarily as an ingredient for baby porridge Dishes with root vegetables are no longer uncommon, instead parsley root, celery and Co. have been a regular part of the vegetable shelf for several years now. With good reason, because "old" varieties such as The parsnips have so far been used primarily for baby porridge because of their pleasantly sweet taste - but adults taste just as good. "It not only brings more variety to the kitchen, but is also an important supplier of vitamin C and protein," explains food journalist Martina Tschirner in an interview with the news agency "dpa".

Up until the 18th century, parsnips were a staple in this country, but were then pushed out of the kitchen by potatoes and carrots, Tschirner adds, intensely using the traditional for her book "Parsnips & Co. From almost forgotten to long-known vegetables" Vegetables.

Parsley root muesli as a specialty in the gourmet restaurant The star chef Thomas Bühner is also enthusiastic about the diverse preparation options. As a specialty of the house, he offers a parsley root muesli in his Osnabrück restaurant “La Vie”, for which the root is placed in milk and stored overnight in the cold store, the cook told the news agency. This sets in a fermentation process, which in turn means that the milk takes on the fresh taste of the root. Then they are tied, foamed and garnished with oat rice and fried parsley root. "With us it is a hit," continues the star chef.

According to Bühner, parsnips are best suited for a puree. “Seasoned with a little salt is the best way to develop its own taste,” explains the professional. But not only the root itself can be used for many dishes. Instead, the leaves of the herbaceous plant could also be used, adds Marleen Peter from the Federal Association of Fruit and Vegetable Producer Organizations (BVEO): "Like parsley, they can be used as aromatic herbs."

Breaded celery slices as a vegetarian alternative to schnitzel
According to Marleen Peter, the celeriac can also be easily integrated into the health-conscious kitchen. Because thanks to the essential oils it contains, it stimulates the metabolism, and it also offers many vitamins and minerals such as Potassium, and iron. In addition, root vegetables are generally rich in phytochemicals, which are believed to have many health benefits. These include e.g. strengthening the immune system and increasing visual performance, the natural substances can also work against high blood pressure and lower the risk of various cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

So far, however, celery has mostly only been known as soup vegetables or from the Waldorf salad, adds Bühner. The "inconspicuous tuber" offers a lot more preparation options. Martina Tschirner recommends e.g. Celery puree as a winter accompaniment to game. In addition, the tuber "cut into slices about one centimeter thick, blanched briefly, then breaded and fried" is a good alternative to the traditional pork schnitzel.

The bowl of the celery bulb can also be used despite its rather unattractive appearance, e.g. by Boiled, dried and deep-fried is served as a striking accompaniment to fish or meat dishes, Thomas Bühner recommends. In his opinion, the popularity of celery, parsnip and parsley root would increase again at the moment, because they score with their intense taste, easy processing and versatility. "These are three really great vegetables that deserve much more attention in the kitchen," emphasizes the star chef. (No)

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