Mouse droppings and cockroaches in a large bakery: kick-off in the Müller-Brot process

Mouse droppings and cockroaches in a large bakery: kick-off in the Müller-Brot process

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After the hygiene scandal at Müller-Brot: Trial against ex-bosses starts
Around four years ago, the Müller-Brot large bakery in Neufahrn, Bavaria, died of a food scandal. Cockroaches, meal worms and mouse droppings were found in the production facilities at that time. Three former bosses of the now bankrupt company now have to answer in court.

Food not suitable for consumption
Almost four years after the scandal about poor hygiene and the bankruptcy of the large bakery Müller-Brot in the Munich suburb of Neufahrn, the process against three ex-managers began. They are accused of having sold large quantities of food that was unsuitable for consumption in several cases. According to a message from the dpa news agency, the former managing directors, including the former main owner Klaus Ostendorf, have also been appearing at the Landshut district court since Monday for delaying bankruptcy and fraud.

Bakery filed for bankruptcy
At the beginning of 2012, production in the company was stopped by the Freising district office after the mice and cockroaches could not be removed despite cleaning work. Only two weeks later, Ostendorf filed for bankruptcy. The lawsuit against a former plant manager, the production manager and the head of the company's quality management had already been terminated due to insignificance. The daughter of the founder of Müller-Brot, Evi Müller, had taken over a large part of the Müller-Brot branches together with the Höflinger bakery in Munich.

Lack of hygiene in food production
Back then, the disgusting scandal made headlines for weeks. However, it is not uncommon for food producers to experience poor hygiene. In an earlier consumer protection report from Lower Saxony, for example, it was reported that a bakery in the Hanover area had to be closed for several days due to cockroaches because the owner had not shown himself to be insightful. In addition to unsanitary conditions in production, sloppy food was also criticized.

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