Prevent excessive sweating and the smell of sweat in summer temperatures

Prevent excessive sweating and the smell of sweat in summer temperatures

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How to avoid unpleasant smell of sweat in summer heat
Excessive sweating can become very uncomfortable, especially in summer. If the clothes stick to your body and you smell, you would like to keep away from other people. With a few simple tips you can avoid the smell of sweat even in high heat.

Sweating regulates body temperature
An international team of researchers recently reported that they found in a study that the smell of sweat due to certain chemical substances can make other people happy; but most are more likely to share the opinion that sweat smells strong. He is also annoying when he has clothes sticking to his body. On the other hand, sweat is also vital for people. Basically, sweating is a natural process that regulates body temperature and water balance. Without sweat, people would overheat. In addition, sweat maintains the skin's protective acid mantle by helping lipids to hydrate the skin.

We sweat for different reasons
As the news agency dpa reports in a report on the subject, about half a liter of water evaporates on the skin every day to cool the body. If it is very hot or even during strenuous physical activity, it can even be several liters. A person has around two million sweat glands. Most are on the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and in the armpits, which explains why many people complain of sweaty feet or sweaty hands. We also start to sweat when nervous, stage fright or fear. In addition, hormonal factors, eating habits or diseases affect sweating. It is also known that men often sweat more than women. However, scientists do not agree on whether sweating is a sign of poor physical fitness.

Airy clothes and open sandals
Human sweat is 99 percent water. There are also mineral salts, urea, fatty acids and glucose. Fresh sweat is odorless. The unpleasant body odor only arises when sweat is broken down by bacteria on the skin. The dpa announcement lists some useful tips from AOK Clarimedis expert Bernhard Schlüter on how best to get rid of the annoying mess. So, especially in the heat, you should wear light and airy clothing that avoids heat build-up and ensures that the body cools down faster. Dr. Eike Eymers, a doctor at the AOK federal association, also recently gave some tips against sweaty feet in summer. She pointed out that good ventilation, hygiene and the right footwear are particularly important in the summer months in order to avoid the unpleasant smell of sweat. Those who run completely barefoot in the summer have the least problems. Open shoes such as sandals also offer significant advantages due to the good ventilation.

Proper nutrition is important
Sweat formation can also be reduced with the help of deodorants. The bacterial growth is limited by the contained antibacterial substances, so that the undesirable smell is minimized. Schlüter recommends always applying deodorants to clean skin. In addition, the registered nurse advises to remove the armpit hair, as this also reduces the spread of bacteria. The problem can also be addressed through proper nutrition. According to the expert, odor-promoting foods such as onions or garlic should be avoided. You should also avoid coffee, alcohol, nicotine, spicy and difficult to digest foods. Relaxation exercises for stress relief such as yoga or progressive muscle relaxation are recommended. Sage tea helps reduce sweat production from the inside. But you can't completely prevent sweating. The basic principle is to treat unpleasant body odor with adequate hygiene and not simply to cover it with fragrances. (ad)

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