The patient who has just undergone surgery flees from the clinic after the operation - and returns

The patient who has just undergone surgery flees from the clinic after the operation - and returns

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Patient fled after surgery back to the hospital
A freshly operated patient had fled a hospital in Gotha, Thuringia shortly after the operation. Apparently the fear of treatment had driven him out of the facility. After he returned to the clinic, he was soon able to leave it.

Man escapes with abdominal drainage shortly after surgery
According to police, the fear of treatment has driven a 30-year-old patient to flee from a hospital in Gotha, Thuringia. A police spokeswoman said, according to a message from the dpa news agency, that the man had returned to the clinic on Tuesday morning. According to the information, the officials had been looking for the 30-year-old since Monday because he urgently needed medical care. Around two hours after the operation, he had escaped with an abdominal drain. The patient was said to be able to leave the hospital on Tuesday after a short treatment.

Many patients are afraid of medical treatment
It's not uncommon for people to react anxiously when medical treatment is due. Both children and adults often experience physical symptoms such as trembling hands and legs, nausea and vomiting, sweating or even a rapid heartbeat or a panic attack. The fear of dental treatment is very common. In the meantime, some dentists have specialized in anxiety patients. In addition to psychotherapeutic procedures, depth psychological procedures, behavioral therapies or therapies with hypnosis are also available to counter fears. (ad)

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