Healing earth relieves irritable bowel syndrome

Healing earth relieves irritable bowel syndrome

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Study: Healing earth for irritable bowel syndrome relieves symptoms

Researchers at the Charité University Clinic undertook a naturopathy study on irritable bowel syndrome and healing earth. A complete cure of the syndrome is still not possible, but the healing earth therapy could alleviate the complaints of the patients, according to the scientific study.

The effect of Luvos healing clay in 64 patients with functional gastrointestinal complaints over 6 weeks was examined. The men and women had suffered from symptoms of irritable stomach or irritable bowel syndrome for years.

Complaints decreased - quality of life improved
After taking Luvos healing clay for six weeks, the symptoms improved and the quality of life improved significantly. The overall complaints of the lower abdomen improved in the score from 30 to 16 after 6 weeks. No side effects on other organ systems were observed during the study. (sb)

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