Indictment of senior physician in organ donation scandal

Indictment of senior physician in organ donation scandal

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Munich senior doctor charged with suspected manipulation of organ donation

In the case of transplantation, the donation organs are primarily allocated according to urgency, which is why a senior physician at the Munich Clinic on the right of the Isar is said to have dramatized the condition of several patients in order to enable them to transplant more quickly. In 2012, the transplant scandal broke out in Munich and now the public prosecutor's office has filed suit in the Munich I regional court for attempted dangerous bodily harm in three cases, the news agency dpa said.

Manipulations of organ donations and transplants were initially detected at the University Hospital Göttingen in 2012 and later also at clinics in Regensburg, Munich and Leipzig. The organ donation scandal had caused a sensation across Germany and caused a significant decline in organ donation. In the cases uncovered, the doctors had forged patient records and made their state of health look worse on paper than he actually was to allow for an early transplant.

Blood values ​​manipulated by patients The 46-year-old senior physician from Munich is accused by the public prosecutor of having manipulated the blood values ​​of three patients in 2009 and 2010 in order to achieve a faster liver transplant. The former senior physician had shown the hospital on the right bank of the Isar after checking previous organ donations. According to the information from the "dpa" news agency, the public prosecutor's office assumes that in three cases the doctor knowingly sent incorrect blood values ​​to the Eurotransplant organization, which is responsible for the allocation of the donor organs. For example, two blood values ​​were reported that did not originate from the specified patients themselves, and in the third patient the blood values ​​were manipulated by adding other substances, reports the “dpa”.

Patients received donor organs faster On paper, the state of health of the patients appeared to be life-threatening as a result of the manipulations, which gave those affected a significantly better place on the waiting list for a donor liver. According to the "dpa" report, two of the patients received a donor liver in January 2010, but in the third case another doctor had noticed before the transplant that incorrect information was the basis for the allocation of the donor organ. The organ eventually received another patient who needed it more urgently. This is exactly where the main problem lies in manipulating the information for a required organ donation. Because fewer sick people slide up the list due to incorrect information, which is why seriously ill patients sometimes do not get an organ.

Other seriously ill patients endangered by the manipulation According to the arguments of the public prosecutor, the senior doctor accepted that his manipulations displaced seriously ill patients from their place on the list and did not receive a donor organ, according to the "dpa" report. In this way, the doctor at least theoretically caused an extension of the suffering and an abstract danger to the life of other patients. The public prosecutor's office believes that attempted homicide is not justified, but attempted dangerous bodily harm can be justified, even if the doctor denies all allegations. The District Court of Munich I has yet to decide whether the lawsuit will be allowed. If convicted, the former senior doctor would face a sentence of six months to ten years' imprisonment, depending on the serious nature of the crime. (fp)

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