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Assistance in finding the right midwife

The midwife is the first point of contact for many women during pregnancy and immediately after birth. A trusting relationship is therefore all the more important here. The various midwifery associations, such as the German Midwifery Association or the Berlin Midwifery Association, offer some help on the selection of midwives and information on their services.

Every birth in Germany is accompanied by a midwife, and the women are entitled to childcare from the time their pregnancy is determined, reports the news agency "dpa", citing the first chairwoman of the Berlin Midwives Association, Susanna Rinne-Wolf. According to the expert, the midwives' range of services includes all pension benefits. Theoretically, this also includes the initial examination, during which the pregnancy is determined and the mother's passport is issued, according to the “dpa” report. Berlin midwife Jana Friedrich is quoted in the news agency's contribution as saying that "midwifery services are a bit like a modular system" in which women can put together what they want.

Midwives can provide all preventive care services. For example, each woman can decide for herself whether only the midwife should take over the preventive care services or whether a gynecologist should also be consulted. Only the ultrasound examinations, which take place in the normal course of pregnancy in the 10th, 20th and 30th week, can only be carried out by a doctor, reports the "dpa". For this reason, many women would opt for both and "take the preventive appointments alternately with the doctor and the midwife," adds Susanna Rinne-Wolf. Some gynecologists would also offer midwife consultations in their medical practices, according to the "dpa" report. The practice of Munich gynecologist Holger Czock is mentioned as an example. He explains to the news agency that midwives cover an important part of maternity care, "which we doctors cannot cover due to time constraints."

Recommendations often decisive for the choice of midwives Pregnant women have numerous options when choosing a midwife. You can choose special offers such as a birthplace or search for free midwives on the Internet. Here, for example, the German Midwives Association offers guidance on its website. Contact addresses of midwives are usually also available in gynecological practices. However, many pregnant women base their midwives on recommendations from other mothers, explains Susanna Rinne-Wolf. It is not uncommon for the women to register in a maternity clinic of their choice and then looked after by the midwife on duty and a doctor, adds the Berlin midwife Jana Friedrich in the article by the "dpa". Many women choose a birthplace instead of a clinic and get to know their midwife in this way. However, there is also the possibility of giving birth in a midwife practice or with the help of a midwife at home. In addition, a clinic birth may be accompanied by a freelance midwife who also works as an attendant midwife, according to the "dpa" report.

Querying the midwives' offer The midwives are not only available to women for all pension benefits, but also for various pregnancy complaints. In the case of back pain or nausea due to pregnancy, for example, the statutory health insurance companies cover the costs of additional consultations with the midwife, reports the "dpa". However, not all midwives cover all measures against the pregnancy complaints, which is why women should find out about their offer before choosing the midwife. Here the pregnant women have to be clear about what they want to take advantage of, because not every midwife offers services such as pregnancy yoga, acupuncture or a 24-hour on-call service, reports the "dpa". However, the latter is particularly important to many pregnant women. The basic services of freelance midwives also include postnatal care, which includes numerous home visits in the first eight weeks after birth and is fully covered by the health insurance companies. If necessary, the health insurance companies would pay additional appointments through the entire lactation period until the end of the first year of life, according to the "dpa" report.

Chemistry between pregnant woman and midwife must be right As a selection criterion for the choice of midwife, loud statements by the experts should also take into account the spatial proximity. Because if necessary, it is helpful if the midwife can reach the pregnant woman quickly and with little effort, said the “dpa”. Last but not least, the chemistry between the pregnant woman and the midwife must also be right. Munich gynecologist Holger Czock explains that women should always have a midwife whom they trust. In order to check in advance whether the relationship with the desired midwife is correct, Jana Friedrich advises to contact the phone and clarify the most important questions. Then follow the initial interview. The costs for this are borne once by the health insurance. However, several discussions with different midwives to choose one afterwards are not possible here. However, according to Jana Friedrich, there is generally no need for such a selection process because the midwives are used to "adapting to very different women and families", the Berlin midwife told the "dpa". It rarely happens that it doesn't fit, Friedrich continues. Nevertheless, if there are significant differences between the pregnant woman and her midwife, the expert advises changing the midwife.

Start looking for midwives early In order to receive midwifery services at all, the experts recommend that pregnant women should start looking for them as early as possible, as there is an acute shortage of midwives in many regions. "Many women who actually want care must remain without care," quotes "dpa" Susanna Rinne-Wolf. Above all, special care services, such as the offer of midwives, are extremely popular and often difficult to have. (fp)

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