Dothiv supports the fight against AIDS

Dothiv supports the fight against AIDS

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New ending ".hiv" is intended to support the fight against AIDS

Until now, internet users were used to navigate to websites with endings such as ".de", ".com" or ".net". But since this week, companies and organizations can also have the domains of their websites end on ".hiv" and thus wear a "digital red bow". Through the project, the social initiative "dotHIV" wants to ensure that the fight against AIDS is carried online.

Companies can now also end their web address with ".hiv". In addition to the common domain endings such as ".de" or ".org", companies and organizations have been able to use the abbreviation ".hiv." “Let it end. The new addresses are awarded worldwide by the Berlin initiative "dotHIV", a social enterprise which, according to its own statements, is carried by the dotHIV non-profit organization and the TLD dotHIV Registry GmbH. With its project, the initiative is pursuing a clear goal: combating the immune deficiency disease AIDS using the Internet. For this, 0.1 US cents will be donated to aid projects for each click on a page with the ".hiv" ending, and the fees for the new addresses (from € 13 a month) should also be passed on directly to aid organizations.

Internet users can support projects in two ways. This means that the Internet user can support the fight against AIDS in two ways. On the one hand, by securing your own .hiv extension, for which monthly fees are paid, but by clicking on another site with the appropriate address. For example, anyone who enters the address "" can find information in the online magazine of the German AIDS Aid, but at the same time the click also causes dotHIV to make a donation to aid organizations. "Imagine that you use .hiv as you use .com. Every time you visit a website with .hiv, for example to buy a cinema ticket at or shop at, a small donation is made to HIV and AIDS projects, ”said Carolin Silbernagl, co-founder of dotHIV and managing director of TLD dotHIV Registry GmbH.

Companies can wear a "digital red bow" with .hiv "Companies and organizations around the world can wear a digital red bow with .hiv, as a symbol of solidarity and as a contribution to supporting people with HIV," the initiative writes in one current press release. The first .hiv websites had already started this week, including, for example, the Alicia Keys HIV charity website "Keep a child alive" and the Deutsche Aidshilfe, which can now also be accessed at "". In addition, according to dotHIV, many other large brands such as Amazon, Instagram and Linkedin have already secured addresses with the initiative.

"We-ACTx for Hope" initiative in Rwanda as a pilot project According to the association, the first major donation project is the "We-ACTx for Hope" initiative, an organization that looks after the care of HIV-infected children and women in Rwanda. According to dotHIV, this work should be supported with the donations through the first 61,801,000 clicks, which corresponds to a sum of 61,801 euros at 0.1 US cents per click. After Rwanda, projects in the USA, Turkey and South Africa would be supported, in the future organizations from all over the world could apply for funding at dotHIV, and the internet community should also have a say in who gets the money.

Since the beginning of 2014, around 1000 new address endings on the Internet. The allocation of so-called "Top Level Domains" (TLD) is coordinated by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which has only been a few since the introduction of the .com and .de domains allowed new endings. In June 2008, however, the requirements were relaxed, which means that in principle every possible term can be registered unless it violates the principles of ICANN or is too similar to another domain. According to dotHIV, this means that around 1,000 new address endings have been present on the Internet since the beginning of 2014, but the .hiv extension is unique, since no other social concern would occupy its own domain extension. "Starting today, we will be using TLDs other than .com and org. occur. It will now be possible to click on .hiv addresses such as, and and thereby make a difference in the fight against AIDS, ”continued Carolin Silbernagl.

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