Three doctors in Liberia receive Ebola test serum

Three doctors in Liberia receive Ebola test serum

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In Liberia, three doctors are treated with Ebola test serum

The Ebola epidemic has already claimed over 1,100 lives in West Africa. There is no vaccine against the dangerous infectious disease. In the fight against the epidemic, a drug that has hardly been tested has been used for the first time in Liberia. Three African doctors received the test serum.

For the first time, Africans receive the test serum In the fight against the Ebola epidemic, which is rampant in West Africa, Liberia has for the first time used the little-tried drug that previously treated one Spaniard and two US patients. As doctors in the capital Monrovia announced on Saturday according to press reports, two local doctors and a doctor from Nigeria have been receiving the test serum from the US biotech company Mapp since Thursday. The doctors are the first Africans to get the drug.

Only ten to twelve doses available So far, only two US aid workers and a Spanish priest have been treated with the serum. The three patients had also contracted the often fatal infectious disease in Liberian hospitals. Since then, the condition of the two Americans has improved, but the 75-year-old Spaniard has died. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently only ten to twelve doses of US serum. So far, there is no approved Ebola remedy. In addition, no vaccine or drug against Ebola has been extensively tested on humans to date.

Over 2100 Ebola cases In view of the extent of the epidemic in West Africa, the WHO has declared an international health emergency and has spoken out in favor of the use of drugs that have hardly been tested yet. Liberia has been hardest hit by the worst Ebola epidemic ever, with 413 dead so far. By August 13, a total of 2,127 confirmed and suspected cases and 1,145 deaths had been recorded in the affected countries Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. However, many experts expect even higher numbers.

Fear of Ebola is becoming more and more dramatic In many countries, fear of the disease is increasing dramatically. It was recently reported: "Nigeria: hospital staff flee Ebola". According to press reports, 169 people in the most populous country in Africa are under surveillance for suspected Ebola, for example because they showed typical Ebola symptoms. In recent days, more and more doctors and nurses have fled hospitals for fear of infection. According to a report by the Nigerian daily "Punch", the Ebola patients would "completely leave".

Entry ban in Kenya There is also great concern in Kenya. There, the Ministry of Health issued a ban on entry for people from the West African countries affected by the Ebola epidemic. According to the ministry according to press reports on Saturday, the regulation should apply from Tuesday. Above all, it concerns passengers from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea who wanted to enter. Kenya Airways also plans to suspend its flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone from Tuesday. The WHO had only announced a few days ago that in Kenya there was an increased risk of the spreading of the Ebola epidemic from West Africa. The airport in the capital, Nairobi, is an important hub for African air traffic. (ad)

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