Stable circulation despite sultry

Stable circulation despite sultry

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Sultry causes circulation problems in many people

There is currently warm, humid weather throughout Germany. Many people react with circulatory weakness such as dizziness and nausea to the high humidity in summer temperatures. The news agency "dpa" spoke to the medical doctor Hans-Michael Mühlenfeld from the German General Practitioners Association about how those affected can stabilize their circulation.

Older people, overweight people and cardiovascular patients suffer the most from the sultry “The warm weather is of course a circulatory burden,” Mühlenfeld told the news agency. The body tries to keep its normal temperature, but that is much more strenuous in heat than in moderate temperatures. "You can support the body by cooling it down a bit, for example by cold foot baths." The doctor also advises that cool water be run over the forearms.

Healthy younger people usually don't have any problems with sultry. Rather, older people, overweight and cardiovascular patients who are already suffering from health problems are affected by circulatory problems. "Usually the body is built in such a way that you have reserves for everything," says Mühlenfeld. “However, those who have already used up their reserves under normal conditions, i.e. who are already at the edge of their physical capacities at rest, can now get breathlessness, are less resilient. He can get dizzy and feel his heart pump. "

These people should listen carefully to their bodies and "take the gas out," the doctor said. Accordingly, loads should be reduced if the affected person does not get any activity. It also helps to stay in the shade and increase the hydration.

Beware of sultry and cardiovascular diseases In general, a distinction can be made between weather-sensitive and weather-sensitive people. Healthy people who react to sultry or changing weather conditions with unspecific complaints are known to be sensitive to the weather and, from a medical point of view, are not at risk for cardiovascular problems. To reduce their symptoms, they can do some kind of circulatory training, which consists of regular walks in the fresh air, saunas and alternating showers.

In contrast, weather-sensitive people are patients with previous illnesses who should contact their doctor if they experience circulatory problems. The training described should only be carried out after consultation with a doctor. (ag)

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